A United Church in Haenertsburg

Serving the community of Haenertsburg and sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Service Times

Wedding 2

Worship Service

Sundays at 09:30


Sunday School

Sundays at 09:30

Prayers before Church

Morning Prayer

Sundays at 08:45


Evening Prayer

Sundays at 18:00

Music Practice

Worship Practice

Saturdays at 10:00


From the Pastor's Pen - March 2018

Examining the symbolic value of our Easter traditions. Easter is a busy and focused time during which, using various symbols and liturgical forms, we think deeply about not only what Jesus went through


New Lighting

Being able to see clearly is not only an issue about safety, but also about our experience of an event. Having said that we have made several modifications to the lighting of the sanctuary and also of the outside of the church.

From the Pastor's Pen - July 2017

The Betrayal: Wednesday Meditation

There is more to Judas than initially meets the eye – more indeed than the layers of disgrace and negative projection that successively pile up within the New Testament. 

Watch: Why Did Jesus Die?