Alpha in Haenertsburg

At the beginning of the year, it was resolved to give impetus to the Church Vision of bringing “the Word” to our mountain community.

The Alpha Course was one of such initiatives and while there is always room for improvement and constructive criticism is a motivator, it must be acknowledged that this mammoth undertaking has had a very significant impact in our community. Over 90 people attended the Introductory Dinner and 93 attended the final celebratory function and the average weekly attendance was never less than the upper 60’s.

Statistics are no measure of success, but the numbers do confirm a wide field in which the word of the Lord was sown, we await the germination process! In this regard, there has already been a growth in House Groups and at least 15 guests at the celebratory dinner indicated they would be interested in attending an Alpha course in the new year. That is our commission “Go out and make Disciples.”

From my perspective, it was a truly wonderful experience, a harnessing of the wide diversity of talents in the congregation and an example from all, of total commitment and dedication, but also a lot of laughter and fun. I am sure we all benefitted from fresh exposure to the teaching and presentation of the videos and some of the challenges raised in the discussion groups.

The points raised at the post-course discussion are noted and will be taken into account when planning starts for a new and I would think smaller Alpha in the new year.

Finally, a very sincere Thank You to our congregation for bearing with disruptions and ongoing reference to Alpha for a number of months. The success of the Alpha course was a congregational commitment to our Church mission. Those of us involved give thanks to the Lord for his loving and patient guidance at all times but particularly in those moments of desperation.

ALPHA TEAM well done.

– written by John Wright