Alpha in Haenertsburg

At the beginning of the year, it was resolved to give impetus to the Church Vision of bringing “the Word” to our mountain community.

The Alpha Course was one of such initiatives and while there is always room for improvement and constructive criticism is a motivator, it must be acknowledged that this mammoth undertaking has had a very significant impact in our community. Over 90 people attended the Introductory Dinner and 93 attended the final celebratory function and the average weekly attendance was never less than the upper 60’s.

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Letting Little Lights Shine at Sunday School

It has been very exciting to see our Sunday School grow over 2017. Both in the number of children attending and the number of teachers volunteering to teach. I find it wonderful that even congregants who do not have children in Sunday School are dedicating their time to our children. So to Jane, Daleen, Sarima, Niel, Trish and Phil, Jess, Emmual, Hester- you are amazing, thank you. We have also enjoyed adding a fun song for the kids at the beginning of the service once a month and hopefully this will become a new tradition thanks to Debbie’s initiative.

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From the Pastor’s Pen – October 2017

Is God Really Good All The Time?

Over my lifetime I have watched Christians of all persuasions claim that God is the answer to our trials and tribulations and that, if we just have the faith, everything will be right. In fact, people have cherry picked parts of Holy Scripture to show that God not only wants us to be blessed but to prosper and that everything will be restored to the way it should be with us. This form of triumphalism has been so well publicised that it has had the opposite effect that was intended. While some still firmly adhere to the, so called, prosperity gospel, many have rejected it and its hypocrisy and have even left the Christian faith.

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Okavango Trip

I was asked to give an account of our wonderful trip to the Okavango Delta – so here it is. We were a group of 12, Bryan and Gloria Mockford, who did all the organising, John and Pat Wright, Henry Harman and Peter Stuart-Thompson, Francis McComb and Bronwyn, Rodney and Anne Harman and Heinz and I. We left on Friday the 2nd June and took a leisurely drive up to Alldays and then on to my younger brother, Peter Mockford’s lovely game farm on the Limpopo River.

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Farm-Aid HIV/AIDS Education Day

A Christian Approach to HIV/AIDS in the Farming environment and workforce. Saturday 5th August from 09am to 12:30 followed by lunch.

Venue: St Paul’s United Church, Haenertsburg.

  • Understanding HIV/AIDS – myths, stigmas and how it is spread
  • HIV infects and affects…health, wellbeing, and productivity
  • Understanding different cultural norms and behaviour in permanent staff and migrant workers
  • Testing, Treatment and Prevention
  • How are the government and other organisations involved?
  • How can we access their help?
  • What can we, as Christians, Farmers, Employers, do to help?
  • An opportunity to ask questions and network in fellowship.

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St Paul’s United Picnic 2017

This year our picnic was held at the Trout Association Club on the banks of the Ebenezer Dam. 

God gave us a remarkable mild and sunny day to enjoy His wonderful creation.
A good turnout of people and lots of really delicious food was on hand for the hungry. Ed Hillary took many of us for a cruise on his raft to the Stanford Lake waterfall, which was particularly beautiful in the late afternoon light.

A big thank you to all the people who contributed so generously to the lunch and to making the day a phenomenal success. Here's hoping we can repeat this (weather permitting of course) next year.

From the Pastor’s Pen – July 2017

Dear family of St Paul’s United,

I find myself humbled and filled with such excitement at what is happening in our community at this time. The church is growing, not only in numbers attending, which in itself is exciting, but we are receiving new members into our community on an ongoing basis. However, as we have received new members we have had several people leave to move to other parts of the world. In the past couple of months we have said goodbye to Gudrun Kushke, Pom Hutchinson, Ellwyn and Alison Kent. It is always sad to say goodbye, but they go with our best wishes for the future.

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Invitation to Dinner

One of the best ways to build friendships is over a meal. It is a way in which from time in memoriam people have bonded and it was no exception with Jesus. In fact the centre point of our worship is the symbolic sharing of the last supper in Holy Communion. So it makes sense that if we want friends to hear the Gospel it should be in the context of a meal.

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We are growing!

Many ministers I meet try to play down the importance of numbers in church. I think that this is quite silly and, to be frank, a little disingenuous. It is important for the church to be growing because there are people out there in the wide world who really need to know the Gospel and measuring church attendance tells us about whether we are reaching them or not. So is is without any compunction that I am able to say that we are growing. In fact our numbers show that over the past 18 months we have seen a significant growth in weekly attendance at services.

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