Diepgelegen Sewing Project

Betty Ramaselela and Susan Elliott are running a project at Diepgelegen Farm Compound every Thursday night. We are very grateful to the Wolff’s for the venue – and especially for installing neon lights so we can thread needles far easier!

The patchwork process is simple, and ideal for a project like this as it doesn’t involve electricity (apart for lighting at night),no sewing machines, or expensive equipment and is relatively easy to do.

All the sewer needs is a needle, thread, scissors, cardboard templates and scraps of fabric.

We had 1000 templates die-cut in Jo’burg earlier this year, as the templates need to be 100% accurate as they need to fit closely into each other as they are sewn together (see picture on right)

Fabric is cut into 10cm squares, tacked onto templates then sewn together to form a quilt. Templates are removed and reused.

This project was introduced in November 2018, and has really taken off this year.  We meet weekly on Thursday evenings. We have had

 as many as 13 people coming to the class, including one enthusiastic young man, Charlie, who turned out to be one of the best sewers!

Unfortunately the many of the workers at Diepgelegen are seasonal, so after Easter 5 left (including Charlie), but they have left with a skill that they can continue to use, until the quilt is completed to the size they require. Two others have left to have babies, but we hope they will be back soon.

On Sun, 22 September, our arch-deacon, Gail Blunden is planning to lead a special Women’s Day service, to highlight the creativity in sewing and hand-work, bless the quilts (completed and in progress), and award certificates for excellence (We also have a ladies fellowship and sewing group, some of whom are sewing quilts and would like to include them in the blessing – Annie, Betty, myself and others )