Farm-Aid HIV/AIDS Education Day

A Christian Approach to HIV/AIDS in the Farming environment and workforce. Saturday 5th August from 09am to 12:30 followed by lunch.

Venue: St Paul’s United Church, Haenertsburg.

  • Understanding HIV/AIDS – myths, stigmas and how it is spread
  • HIV infects and affects…health, wellbeing, and productivity
  • Understanding different cultural norms and behaviour in permanent staff and migrant workers
  • Testing, Treatment and Prevention
  • How are the government and other organisations involved?
  • How can we access their help?
  • What can we, as Christians, Farmers, Employers, do to help?
  • An opportunity to ask questions and network in fellowship.

Who should attend?

  • Farmers whether you have 3 or 30 (or more) farm labourers
  • Employers of domestic workers, office workers, manual labourers, other staff
  • You! HIV/AIDS affects and infects us all!

Cost: R100 (to cover catering costs)

Bookings close on 3 August 2017 and can be made through:

Susan Elliott: 083 255 3008
St Paul’s United Church
015 276 1823