Invitation to Dinner

One of the best ways to build friendships is over a meal. It is a way in which from time in memoriam people have bonded and it was no exception with Jesus. In fact the centre point of our worship is the symbolic sharing of the last supper in Holy Communion. So it makes sense that if we want friends to hear the Gospel it should be in the context of a meal.

On Tuesday, August 29th of this year we are going to host our Alpha dinner at which we will be introducing the guests to and inviting them to participate in a season of Alpha.

Alpha has been rated as the single most significant movement in Christian history during the 20th and 21st Centuries thus far. It has spread worldwide and has brought thousands of people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, who may otherwise never have had the opportunity of exploring their faith. It is an easy, non-threatening way of exposing people to the gospel and it works powerfully.
We know that there are many people on this mountain that do not accept or even know what Jesus has done for them. Alpha will give them the opportunity of honestly exploring these issues for themselves, but the big thing is they need to be invited.
So, dear family of St Paul’s United, here is the plan:

1. Think about someone or some people you would like to hear the good news of Jesus.

2. Begin daily to pray for them. That should be easy enough, but remember to rely upon Jesus to open the doors of opportunity and to soften hearts of the people you want to invite.

3. I would appreciate it if you would tell me who you are inviting so we can compile a list of names and who the invitees are. The worst thing that we could do is for three or four people to invite a single person. That could be quite intimidating. So if I now that someone else has invited your guest, I can tell you and you can invite an alternative guest.

4. Invitation

5. Bring your guest to dinner.

There is always some fall out after the first week, but that is alright. Many people stay and continue with the programme. Who knows who the Lord will touch in this programme. But one thing is clear, if you invite someone and they come to know Jesus and receive his salvation, you would have saved a life!
Now that is something to rejoice about!