Letting Little Lights Shine at Sunday School

It has been very exciting to see our Sunday School grow over 2017. Both in the number of children attending and the number of teachers volunteering to teach. I find it wonderful that even congregants who do not have children in Sunday School are dedicating their time to our children. So to Jane, Daleen, Sarima, Niel, Trish and Phil, Jess, Emmual, Hester- you are amazing, thank you. We have also enjoyed adding a fun song for the kids at the beginning of the service once a month and hopefully this will become a new tradition thanks to Debbie’s initiative.

A huge thank you to Trish Spencer, who was inspired to get a team together and redecorate our Sunday School room. With help from Kea Smith, Catherine and Doulas Spencer, Khina, Warrick and Emma Melville working over a few weekends, they have truly transformed the room into a very happy space. The job involved painting the walls, sorting through piles of resources that have gathered over the years and finding pretty and creative ways to store everything. Lorna Haas washed the curtains and sewed up the hem to help keep them clean. Added to this were thoughtful touches such as a prayer board, birthday list board, name board and a stunning array of pictures to brighten up the walls.

Thank you also to Susan Elliot who donated a wonderful painting of Noah’s Ark.

The inspiration for the room decor is the verse from Matthew 5 vs 16 “ Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven. I think that we can truly say that Trish and her team have done a very good work for us and brought glory to God. Thank you so much for making this such a wonderful space for our Sunday School!

  • written by Jean Trusler