We are growing!

Many ministers I meet try to play down the importance of numbers in church. I think that this is quite silly and, to be frank, a little disingenuous. It is important for the church to be growing because there are people out there in the wide world who really need to know the Gospel and measuring church attendance tells us about whether we are reaching them or not. So is is without any compunction that I am able to say that we are growing. In fact our numbers show that over the past 18 months we have seen a significant growth in weekly attendance at services. We have measured both the Eucharist and the Prayer and Praise services and both show similar growth patterns with a projection that they will continue to grow in the next few years. What is the reason for this growth? On the one hand our worship is attractive and people enjoy the wonderful range of music. Blessed with superb musicians in Debbie Morris and Antoinette and Chris White, our music ministry has grown significantly. I believe that another reason for our growth has been the increase in the number of home groups that meet weekly in the parish. We have six active groups with the possibility of a seventh starting soon. Most of all, however, I believe that our Lord and Father sees what we are doing and he blesses the work of our hands. Thank you Lord!

Fortnightly Eucharist Attendance Figures

Fortnightly Prayer and Praise Figures