Youth Ministries

Vision! That is what I experience in St Paul’s United Church in Haenertsburg. In 2018 the leadership had a vision to attract more younger people to this beautiful church on the mountain. It was decided that a full-time pastor was needed to minister to the students of Stanford Lake College  as well as the village of Haenertsburg. Mr Dirk Engelbrecht was recruited for this special ministry.

Dirk started ministry in November 2018, taking over the Friday youth meetings held at Stanford Lake College. We also managed to build bridges with the school and partnered with the school’s headmaster Mr Alan Redfern to increase our ministry to the children. Encouraging them to join in the worship at St Paul’s United on Sunday mornings we have staarted a ministry called Tea4teens where teenagers can have a space of their own and fellowship within their own age group. Tea4teens is a ministry where we hope to train young people to serve in the life of the church by serving tea, reading, praying, taking up collection and so forth.

Recently a decision was made to move the youth events to Thursday evening to accommodate the weekly boarders in the youth activities. The ministry at Stanford Lake College has now grown to 40 students.

Moving the Stanford event to Thursdays has freed us up to run a Friday evening youth group for the teenagers of Haenertsburg. This youth group is still very small but specifically meets the needs of the young people who are not boarders at the school.

Young Adult Ministry

In an effort to attract young adults we have established an evening service that is held every second Sunday in the church. The service is focused more on the contemporary side of worship with live music and is of a more free form compared with the structured morning services.

Ministry extends beyond these services and Dirk and his wife Sylvia are encouraging fellowship through other forms of interaction. Another drive to encourage young adults is our coming Alpha season which begins on 17th July of this year.

Dirk Engelbrecht