Zoom Service – Sunday 13 September 2020

Greetings everybody, this coming Sunday is the turn of the Presbyterians and Rev Ramalundi of Mount Horeb will be leading the worship for us. He will be doing this via a Zoom service combined the with the Mount Horeb community. So no church in the garden yet. We will attempt that again next weekend. I will let you know immediately we have the Zoom service details on the Church Whatsapp Group.
Blessings and peace

Haenertsburg Covid 19 Relief Initiative

Haenertsburg Community THANK YOU for your donations!

UPDATE: 24 June 2020

UPDATE: 29 May 2020

Food parcels distributed through the Haenertsburg Covid 19 Relief Project to date:

April: May:
Segwashi: 38 Segwashi: 30
Spitskop: 34 Spitskop: 25
Mariba-Thema: 30 Mariba-Thema: 20
Makgeng: 17 Makgeng: 18
TOTAL: 119 TOTAL: 93

As well as 8 boxes in and around Haenertsburg over this period.

Total Food Parcels Delivered: 220

Our food boxes have included: Mielie meal, cooking oil, soya mince, tinned fish, peanut butter, flour and sugar beans. There have been additional donations made by farmers and community members in the area of the boxes themselves as well as meat, fruit, vegetables, eggs and face masks.

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Emmaus Walk 2020

Please try and put yourself into Cleopas’ shoes. He was walking home, with a companion, on the Sunday following Jesus’ crucifixion. The two of them had become believers in Jesus but the terrible events of the past Friday had left them devastated and uncertain about everything, not least, the future of this movement they had bought into. This leader, whom they thought was the Messiah was dead. It seemed like a crushing defeat and they felt totally dejected.

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Farewell to Ed Hillary

It is with considerable sadness that we said farewell to Ed Hillary in November this year. He had battled with cancer for the past ten years. Ed’s contribution to the growth and establishment of St Paul’s as a united church cannot be overestimated. He was instrumental in the development of the formation of the “united” congregation and the writing of the constitution of the church. In the early 2000’s when it was realised that the church would need to be extended, Ed was the mover and shaker of the building project both of the extensions of the church and also the building of the church house.

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Methodist Church of Southern Africa Elects and Installs A New Presiding Bishop

Entering ministry in 1981, Kwa-Zulu Natal born Purity Malinga was elected and installed as the new Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church of Southern Africa in November this year. Purity made history, being the first female presiding bishop of the church to be elected. Bishop Malinga succeeds Bishop Zipokuhle Siwa, who has held the position for the past three terms. Bishop Malinga began her career as a teacher and read for a Masters in Divinity at Harvard University. She is a previous deputy president of the SA Council of Churches and in the past three years has been the director of the Education, Mission and ministry unit of the Methodist Church.