Haenertsburg Covid 19 Relief Initiative

Haenertsburg Community THANK YOU for your donations!

UPDATE: 24 June 2020

UPDATE: 29 May 2020

Food parcels distributed through the Haenertsburg Covid 19 Relief Project to date:

April: May:
Segwashi: 38 Segwashi: 30
Spitskop: 34 Spitskop: 25
Mariba-Thema: 30 Mariba-Thema: 20
Makgeng: 17 Makgeng: 18
TOTAL: 119 TOTAL: 93

As well as 8 boxes in and around Haenertsburg over this period.

Total Food Parcels Delivered: 220

Our food boxes have included: Mielie meal, cooking oil, soya mince, tinned fish, peanut butter, flour and sugar beans. There have been additional donations made by farmers and community members in the area of the boxes themselves as well as meat, fruit, vegetables, eggs and face masks.

Thank you to the volunteers purchasing, transporting packing and delivering the food as well as those involved in monitoring the need and the finances of this project.

We would also like to thank Captain Madzhigili for the support and assistance provided by the SAPS.

The project is entirely transparent and ALL donations go directly to the contents of the food parcels. If you wish to receive feedback about the financials or the logistics of the group, please contact Jonathan Meintjes or Ann Luther.

Also, if you are aware of a family in need in our area, please alert us. We want to serve our neighbours through this initiative and welcome your assistance and direction in this.

The need of people is being well monitored on the ground as some economic activity resumes but we suspect we will need to distribute again in June. Please do keep your donations coming in:

Banking details: St Pauls United
Bank: Standard Bank
Acc No: 0030229197
Standard Bank Universal Branch Code: 051 001
Ref: Hburg Cov19 Relief

UPDATE: 29 April 2020

On behalf of the organisers of the Haenertsburg Covid 19 Relief Initiative I would like to thank St Paul’s United Church, Haenertsburg Catholic Church, Haenertsburg Rotary and the local farmers and residents of Haenertsburg for your incredible generosity in supporting destitute people. Working in conjunction with the indunas, church ministers and home based carers, we identified 120 extremely needy families in the villages of Segwashe, Spitzkop, Maribe Thema and Makgeng. Food parcels with a retail value of R600+ each were delivered to destitute families in late April. We are very grateful for the help of everyone who contributed as this means that about 600 people will have some food for the next month.

Due to the national lockdown there are many people in our immediate community in desperate need of food supplies. St Paul’s United Church is asking the community of Haenertsburg to assist us with donations of money and food. Through our regular Works of Mercy Program, additional people have been identified in our surrounding areas who need urgent assistance during this difficult time.  St Paul’s is able to get food to them in the next few days but the sooner we have funding the quicker we can help and the more we can do as the needs become further identified. The Haenertsburg Catholic Church and Haenertsburg Rotary are already on board assisting with funding.

This really is a community effort. This project is focussed on immediate relief and will continue for the foreseeable future. Every cent donated will go directly to people in need. We have solid relationships and communication with members of the community so we can assure you that the food is going to those genuinely in need and not able to access assistance from the government at this stage.

All donations to the Haenertsburg Covid 19 Relief Fund will go directly towards food parcels for needy families in the area. Financial reporting will be made available on request from the contacts below.

Please contact Ann Luther on 082 808 2539 or Jonathan Meintjes on 082 377 5128 or email: [email protected] if you require any further information.